John PierreNutrition and Fitness Consultant

John Pierre is a nutrition and fitness consultant who has devoted over 30 years to improving the lives of others through his expertise in plant-based nutrition, physical fitness, women’s empowerment, geriatrics, and compassionate living.

As a dedicated activist, John gives lectures across the nation at schools, conferences, businesses and retreats to help improve the health and well-being of others. John also teaches fun and exhilarating boot camps and offers one-on-one personal training to people of all ages. Just a few of John’s clients include Maggie Q, Ellen DeGeneres, Emily Deschanel and Pamela Anderson.

John has also been inducted into the North American Vegetarian Society (NAVS) Hall of Fame for his dedication to spreading the message of plant-based nutrition, peace and compassion to improve people’s lives, the treatment of animals and concerns facing our environment.

Whether it is speaking at a conference, teaching a boot camp class or donating his time and money to an organization in need, John has devoted his life to making the world a better place with every opportunity he has.

John has written two books: “The Pillars of Health”, which focuses on the four pillars of health–nutrition, mind, motion and compassion— and “Strong, Savvy, Safe,” which focuses on tools for protection and vibrant health.

Celebrity Testimonials

Maggie Q

“The power of John Pierre doesn’t lie in his extensive knowledge or ability to transform. It may shockingly be the least of his talents.

The heart of this man is what centers his purpose. If the love of one being could move a mountain for others, this is the person who will do it.”

Known For:

  • Nikita
  • Mission: Impossible III
  • Live Free or Die Hard
  • Designated Survivor


  • Won supporting film actress: Mission Impossible III
  • Nominated best tv hero: Nikita
  • Nominated choice TV actress: Nikita
Maggie Q
Joaquin Phoenix

“John Pierre is special. I wouldn’t know how else to describe him. He has a unique encyclopedic knowledge of nutrition and its effects on the mind and body. But also and maybe more importantly, he understands the spirit.

He understands the value of living a truly ethical life. His actions are not for show. They’re for humanity, for the animals and the planet.

Naturally, that commitment rubs off on those that are lucky enough to spend time with JP. I’m one of those lucky ones.”


  • Academy Award for Best Actor, Joker, 2020
  • BAFTA Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role, Joker, 2020
  • Golden Globe Award for best Actor – Motion Picture – Drama, Joker, 2020
  • Critics’ Choice Movie Award for Best Actor, Joker, 2020
  • Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Leading Role, Joker, 2020
Joaquin Phoenix
Ellen DeGeneres

“The first time I ever worked out with [John Pierre] I just thought, This is the most fun I’ve ever had.”


  • Won outstanding talk show host
  • Won favorite animated movie voice: Finding Dory
  • Won the daytime talk show of 2019: The Ellen DeGeneres Show
Ellen DeGeneres

“The work I did with John Pierre was a hugely uplifting force in my life.

Not only did it get me in tip top physical condition, but got my body and mind working in sync, in tandem, in a way I had never felt before. It made me feel light on my feet and sharp as a tack.

It was such a fun challenge to do the work, and his nutritional advice really got me on a healthy path that I am very grateful for.

John Pierre rocks.”


  • Won favorite alternative artist
  • Won favorite pop/rock band/duo/group
  • Nominated favorite pop/rock single: “Under the Bridge”
Sylvia Ferrero

“JP’s inexhaustible knowledge around all things fitness, nutrition and activism is only surpassed by his profound vision and relentless pursuit to make the world a more kind, loving, and compassionate place.

His heart-driven approach to everything he does, along with the conviction he infuses into all his teachings, can only inspire one to show up in their life as a more self-nurturing human being.

His influence has positively impacted every aspect of my life -- my work, my business, my interpersonal interactions, and most importantly, my relationship with myself.

Working with JP will change your life. Embodying what he teaches will transform our world.”


  • 2-Time Tri Fitness World Champion
  • Celebrity Trainer and Fitness Personality
  • Founder of Revolution Gratitude
Sylvia Ferrero
Rooney Mara

“JP is one of the rare humans on this planet. I’ve never met someone with more patience and empathy.

He has a gentle approach, but it comes from a place of strength and deeply rooted belief.”

Known For:

  • The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
  • Carol



  • Nominated for best actress: The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo
  • Nominated for best supporting actress: Carol
Rooney Mara