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Take Charge of Your Health with JP!

John Pierre, personal trainer and wellness coach, has dedicated the last three decades of his life to continuously learning how to best serve people in transforming their health through a combination of exercise routines, plant-based nutrition, and self love. In the courses and programs below, JP shares with you the same exercise techniques and strategies …

TerraCycle:  Eliminating Waste

Keep Moving During The Holidays

The hustle and bustle of the holidays, and the stress that accompanies them, leave little room to think about exercise or fitness. When the cold weather arrives, think how easy it becomes to park in front of the TV or the computer for the evening. Furthermore, the office parties, the wide array of tempting treats …

Animal Help Now: Protecting the vulnerable

Society, the Scale, and Your Jeans

At the office, in the field, and through my presentations as a nutrition and fitness consultant, I have had the privilege of speaking with thousands of women. When I ask them what their goal is, the most frequent response I hear is, “I want to be skinny, I want to lose weight and look good.” …

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No Deposit, No Return

Just like a dependable savings account requires regular deposits in order to maintain a positive balance, so too does our body. Special attention must be paid to keep our personal vitality account in balance since withdrawals occur throughout the day. One common withdrawal, inactivity, happens as a result of our modern and mechanized lifestyle and …

The Story of Stuff: Stories

Family Fitness

Think about how inactive our children are today compared to when we were kids. Remember when our parents had to call us in several times because we were busy outside playing tag, hopscotch or baseball? Today, kids are called away from their computer or the sofa in just the next room. This inactive lifestyle is …

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