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eco-friendly baby supplies

Eco-Baby Registry

Here is a minimalist list of what I personally used when preparing for the arrival of my first baby. I’ll also share some of my personal experiences with having a newborn in making a case for why you might not need a specific item Target has on its shelves. I am fortunate that I’m both …

Footprint Calculator:  What is your footprint


A go-to guide for greening your life in the most-used rooms of the household and while out and about…   BATHROOM Teeth: – Floss: Dental Lace Dental Floss – Dental Lace Single Pack, Vegan (Container, 2 Floss Spools) – Vegan Refill Floss Spools (66 yards) – Toothbrush: Hippie Haven Bamboo Toothbrushes – Kids Four Pack …

Ecosia: Folk Trees

How Cruises Affect the Environment

  UPDATE: This article was written during the outbreak of Coronavirus and the ensuing pandemic. And while the cruise industry, and travel industry in general, will suffer heavily from the impacts of Coronavirus, the information below is nevertheless prevalent in the cruise industry.  At the current time, even in the midst of a pandemic, dozens …

Living With Harmony: Palm Oil Checklist

Restaurant and Bakery Sustainability

Sustainability is very trendy today.  This is why you see such a rise in vegan options, farm-to-table, zero-waste, reusables, supporting local, etc.  More than ever, I’m seeing people encourage repeating outfits, promote plant-based diets, and demand people bring their own reusable coffee mug.  People want the change, so make it easy for the customer by …

The Story of Stuff: Stories

What is Planet-Based Living?

Turn on any news channel, social media account, or any other way of connecting with the world, and talk of the environment abounds. And in the midst of the many discussions, arguments, and ideas, the sanctity of taking care of our home – our planet – seems to get lost. There are debates on what …

Living With Harmony: Palm Oil Checklist