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Do Fish Feel?

Most of us make the choice to have farm animals slaughtered so that we can eat them, I choose to believe that the majority of us think farm animals are sentient beings, intelligent feeling beings, more like us than not. We want to believe their sentience is considered during their brief confined lives and that …

Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine
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Eco-Baby Registry

Here is a minimalist list of what I personally used when preparing for the arrival of my first baby. I’ll also share some of my personal experiences with having a newborn in making a case for why you might not need a specific item Target has on its shelves. I am fortunate that I’m both …

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A go-to guide for greening your life in the most-used rooms of the household and while out and about…   BATHROOM Teeth: – Floss: Dental Lace Dental Floss – Dental Lace Single Pack, Vegan (Container, 2 Floss Spools) – Vegan Refill Floss Spools (66 yards) – Toothbrush: Hippie Haven Bamboo Toothbrushes – Kids Four Pack …

Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine