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How Composting Really Makes a Difference

Many of us think of composting as a smelly, dirty thing. We picture vegetable peels, animal manure, and all other organic material that sits together and gathers unthinkable odors after some time. While there is truth to this—getting involved in nature can be a messy endeavor—the benefits significantly outweigh any preconceived notions we may have …

The Story of Stuff: Stories

How Cruises Affect the Environment

  UPDATE: This article was written during the outbreak of Coronavirus and the ensuing pandemic. And while the cruise industry, and travel industry in general, will suffer heavily from the impacts of Coronavirus, the information below is nevertheless prevalent in the cruise industry.  At the current time, even in the midst of a pandemic, dozens …

Footprint Calculator:  What is your footprint
Footprint Calculator:  What is your footprint

Hydroponics to Provide Produce and Help Rescued Fish

In view of the dangers associated with consuming GMO foods which are laced with the cancer causing chemical glyphosate, many are choosing to grow their own food.Growing your own ensures that you control what goes on your food.  You can avoid chemicals like herbicides and pesticides by growing your own food.  Growing your own veggies …

Ecosia: Turn Your Searches Into Trees